Andre Craig (Executive Director) of 246 Entertainment is a young and dedicated professional in the entertainment industry in Barbados. On embarking on this career in 2008 he started working for the National Cultural Foundation, a local Cultural organization that organizes several major local Barbadian events the most popular being our Crop Over Festival, which is where he gained vast experience in organizing events.

During that period of working for the Foundation, in 2009 he decided to take on a very big challenge of staging his own major event. He came into contact with one of Barbados' most celebrated entertainers Wendy Alleyne and decided to work with her in producing a concert with her called Wendy Alleyne (This Time I”ll Be Sweeter). The concert featured some of the artists she had work with over the years in the industry and she was also honored for her work by Andre with an award which was presented to her by the late Prime Minister, the Hon. David Thompson who praised the promoter for producing such an excellent event. The show was well attended by Barbadians who were excited to see Wendy perform in Barbados after 20 years of not performing at home.

In 2010 he parted with the Cultural Foundation and started focusing on building his own business. In that same year he traveled to New York where the same show from 2009 was staged after getting much requests from Barbadians in New York. The show was well received.

After returning back to Barbados he spent the next three years working for the Government coordinating National Entertainment activities with the determination in still having his own company name recognize as a leading Entertainment organization in the industry.

Not only is this young promoter into producing events but also knows music having started off from the young age of seven years old playing the piano and taking exams in Music, (London Cambridge) where he has passes with distinctions.

In the year 2013 was when the company 246 Entertainment came into existence and the Director was deciding on what project to focus on. He then decided to travel to Canada, New York, Boston and London, where he met with persons in the industry and the Barbadian Diaspora in bringing Barbadian culture to those places. After much consulting and deliberations he is now embarking on a tour to those places with local Artists from Barbados.The first set of events are set to take place in London and New York in August 2014.

Working in the entertainment Industry has always been the main focus of Andre Craig, it is his dream to see Barbados become more recognized in the industry worldwide with more local entertainers making it to the international stage. Also he believes that Barbados can become the leading entertainment hub in the Caribbean with more local and International events being stage in Barbados as long as there is good support for the promoters.

With this dream in mind he and his company 246 Entertainment will be embarking in the future in having more events produce in Barbados where persons will travel to Barbados from all over the world for events that will lift the company image and also promote Barbados itself as the place to be.

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